Thank You Bear

Thank You Bear

"A perfect joy!"
- David Bowie, Iman and Lexi (6 years old)

"Thank You Bear is so very dear and has such a sweet message of compassion and appreciation."
- Gwyneth Paltrow

"It's the new Emperor's New Clothes."
- Karl Lagerfeld

"A wonderful early lesson of friendship, a joy to read with my children"
- Claudia Schiffer

"In this gentle fable, a wide-eyed bear cub finds that one fellow's throwaway item can be another fellow's treasure."
- Parenting Magazine

"Thank You Bear is the story of my life. Except where was Mouse when I needed him? Thank you, Greg Foley."
- Chip Kidd

"In an age of visual glitz, this simple book speaks in a refreshingly unpretentious way."
- Booklist

"Opinion around the studio seems to vary from not particularly good to the best thing ever, but then I suppose it would."
- Peter Saville

"Who knew that philosophy starts at such an early age? A lovely lesson in tolerance and creativity."
- David Byrne

"I have an army of god-daughters and each one is going to get Thank You Bear this year. Because it's a story about why you love what you do and I want all of them to have it."
- Michael Stipe

"...a basic life lesson of true friendship, tolerance and encouragement - go bear!"
- Helmut Lang

"Foley strips down the story and the illustrations to their essence."
- Publishers Weekly