Thank You Bear

Dont Worry Bear Dont Worry Bear

Photography Michael Hauptman illustration ©Greg Foley

"Foley's delightful Bear is back, and he's concerned about Caterpillar, who is about to disappear inside his cocoon. From the inviting cover showing the two friends engaged in conversation to their reunion, youngsters will welcome this charming story with open arms as well."
School Library Journal, starred review

"Though Caterpillar has told Bear (Thank You Bear, 2007) not to worry, Bear is uneasy after his friend disappears into a cocoon. He feels better when mouse tells him that Caterpillar is sleeping-until Bear finds the cocoon empty. Then a beautiful silk moth lands on Bear's paw, explaining that he's the former caterpillar. Every bit as charming as the previous book, this one also features stark illustrations (only the few characters and tree branches against blank pale pastel backgrounds) and spare text. The Bear's facial expressions and body language convey the message, making any lengthy clarification unnecessary. In addition to being a comforting, uncomplicated tale about friendship, this enjoyable story can also serve as an early introduction to metamorphosis and spark a discussion on human emotion."

"For the second in the Thank You Bear series, Foley once again manages to convey maximum message with minimal text and illustration. While out for a walk, Bear meets a new friend, Caterpillar, who is working very hard. He tells bear that he is making a cocoon: "I'll stay inside for a while. But I promise you'll see me again." Bear is not convinced, and must check up on his friend when it gets dark, on a particularly windy day, when it rains, and again when it gets cold. Each time, from inside his cocoon, Caterpillar reassures him: "Don't worry, Bear." In the spring, Bear finally stops worrying, only to find an empty cocoon on the ground. A colorful silk moth's words help him recognize his transformed friend. Foley's illustrations are perfect for shared group readings with a younger audience-body language and facial expression speak volumes, while the plain earth-toned background colors set the tone for the changing seasons and weather. Aside from the characters, the only other objects in the illustrations are the branch of Caterpillar's tree and a few leaves or snowflakes to denote the season. A great book to share with little ones who face a prolonged absence from a beloved friend or relative."

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