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Thank You Bear Thank You Bear Thank You Bear

Photography Dan Forbes Jacket illustration ©Greg Foley

2008 Charlotte Zolotow Award for Thank You Bear
"Foley's brief text is masterful. His superb illustrations and design are a perfect complement. The result is a picture book that shows and reads-aloud beautifully, and a story that is deeply resonant with the emotional landscape of childhood."
Cooperative Children's Book Center

"A smooth union of words and art to illustrate an important message."
Kirkus Reviews

"Who knew that philosophy starts at such an early age?-I guess it does. A lovely lesson in tolerance and creativity-one man's garbage is another's treasure."
David Byrne

"I have an army of god-daughters and each one is going to get Thank You Bear this year. Because it's a story about why you love what you do and I want all of them to have it."
Michael Stipe

"Young listeners, particularly those who understand the value of leaves and stones and bottle caps, will love this book. They will hope that Bear will remain steadfast and trust in Mouse, who rewards Bear's thoughtfulness with the gratitude of a true friend. Absolutely charming."
School Library Journal, starred review for Thank You Bear

"Foley, making his children's book debut, is an award-winning graphic designer and the creative director for the hipster-fashionista bibles Visionaire, V and VMan. His simple story concerns "a little bear (who) found a little box." The cub thinks it is "the greatest thing ever!" But on his way to presenting the box to his friend Mouse, the furry hero meets up with naysayers whose discouragement ranges from "I've seen those before" (an owl) to "You're holding it the wrong way" (a fox). But Mouse looks at the box "this way and that," and agrees with his pal's original rave, to the letter. Mouse gratefully makes the box his new home (hence, the title). Foley combines an energetic ink line with pleasingly off-register washes of muted color, giving his pages a handsome, retro look. He strips down the story and the illustrations to their essence, allowing toddlers to place themselves in the cub's position, and rejoice when his best friends appreciates his gift- a box just right for Mouse to make his own."
Publishers Weekly

"Today my son Oscar, who is six, had me make him a paper crown. He put on a cape and announced that he is the King of Sicily. I tend to believe him. We sat down and I read him Thank You Bear and he listened with enjoyment and liked the drawings, especially Bear and Mouse. What do you think? I asked. "It's a very good book," he said. So if anyone asks, The King of Sicily says that Greg Foley's Thank You Bear is a very good book."
Glenn O'Brien

"Thank You Bear is a classic-deeply pleasurable to the eye, ear, and heart. You will find it in homes and preschool classrooms everywhere!."
Celia Genishi (Professor and Early Literacy Specialist / Teachers College, Columbia University)

"Thank You Bear and Don't Worry Bear are excellent teaching tools for parents and teachers. SUMMA CUM LAUDE!"
Diane Harris (Greg's 7th & 8th grade English & Latin teacher)

Designed and illustrated with a minimum of fuss, Thank You Bear can be enjoyed by very young children, while somewhat older ones may want to talk about how they feel when others don't value the things they treasure. In his first picture book, author-illustrator Foley shows unusual restraint in letting essential lines, areas of flat color, and a little stippled shading illustrate the equally spare text. In an age of visual glitz, this simple picture book speaks in a refreshingly unpretentious way.

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