Thank You Bear

Thank You Bear

Photography Dan Forbes Jacket illustration ©Greg Foley

"This third book about a sweet little bear who is learning small, important lessons in heartwarming ways opens with the happy discovery of a three-leaf clover. Bear's worries begin when Mouse says, "If you find one with four leaves, it means that you're lucky." As Bear searches for one, the other animals tell him that he'll never be successful, making him feel "very unlucky." True to form, Foley brings the story to a surprising and uplifting conclusion that reinforces the joys of friendship. This gifted graphic artist has an inspired understanding of a young child's world. He isn't timid about employing almost identical pictures on each page: a mound of green grass, a sprinkling of clover, the small bear, and-in most cases-one other animal. The background is always a clean, bright white. Each opposing page, on which the text resides, has a different pastel shade. The most essential variations are the succession of featured critters and Bear's position and expression in response to each of them. The simplicity of the text, theme, and illustrations makes this an excellent choice for the very young."
School Library Journal

"Foley's waif-like bear cub is back with another life lesson for little ones (Don't Worry Bear, 2008, etc.). Finding a common clover, Bear learns from Mouse that one with four leaves is said to bring good luck. On a quest for the coveted plant, Bear receives commentary both hopeful and skeptical from Monkey, Turtle, Elephant, Groundhog, Squirrel and Bunny-who claims he has just found one and eaten it. With Bear feeling a bit down and distinctly unlucky, Mouse shares his find of a five-leaf clover, reversing a sense of misfortune with jubilance and optimism. Foley's spare, direct prose matches his simple yet telling stylized drawings, which reflect an almost Asian quality in black line and muted, pale greens, blues, tans and browns. Taken together, they convey a subtle message of finding good fortune and happiness in friendship. Once again, Foley's unpretentious Bear and Mouse deliver profound wisdom in a sweetly understated manner."

"Like Thank You Bear (2007) and Don't Worry Bear (2008), this unpretentious picture book uses a few expressive lines, a few flat colors, and minimal shading to tell a story with a twist at the end. A simple picture book for young children."

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